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CCPI-STEM Fellows: Enhancing the STEM and technological workforce development missions of Community Colleges

America’s community colleges play a critical role in responding to the workforce and economic development needs in communities across the country. But their success depends upon strong leadership and committed faculty and support staff who base decisions on current research and data and who can use that information to build the support required to develop and implement needed programs. Currently, there is a growing recognition of the importance of developing and strengthening community college STEM programs.

The National Science Board (2019) estimates that there are currently more than 16 million skilled technical jobs requiring an associate degree or similar level qualification, and the number of jobs requiring substantial science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) expertise has grown nearly 34 percent over the past decade. Community colleges have an opportunity—and indeed the responsibility—to strengthen their curricula and faculty to positively impact the growth and diversity of the STEM technician workforce. (Boggs, et al., 2022)

To respond to this challenge and responsibility, it is critical that community college presidents, trustees, administrators, and faculty have access to current research information to assist them in the development of STEM-focused curricula and workforce development activities.

The CCPI-STEM Fellows program, funded by the Advanced Technological Education program at the National Science Foundation, is designed to recognize and support community college faculty, administrators, and other individuals who aspire to provide leadership or support to community colleges to prepare a workforce educated in STEM-related technologies and skills.

The CCPI-STEM Fellows program will select individuals who are pursuing or beginning to pursue graduate degrees and engage in research related to STEM education and workforce development in community colleges. The Fellows will participate in professional development and mentoring activities to prepare them for future leadership roles in community colleges.

CCPI-STEM Fellows will be expected to present their research findings at appropriate events, publish their results, and share their research and its implications with the broader community. In addition, the Fellows will be expected to act as ambassadors and champions of the Advanced Technological Education program and mentor other college professionals.

The applicant must demonstrate interest and commitment to community college education and workforce development programs through their past professional activities. To be considered for the CCPI-STEM Fellows program, an applicant must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  2. Hold an undergraduate degree, preferably in STEM or a related field
  3. Have three (3) years of teaching and/or administrative experience in a community college, preferably in a STEM-related field
  4. Be enrolled in a master’s or doctoral degree program at an accredited U.S. higher education institution with one of the following emphases: (1) community college policy and leadership, (2)  higher education leadership, (3) STEM-focused education of  STEM-related workforce development policies or practices, (4) student affairs with a focus on serving underrepresented minorities in STEM.
  5. Pursue research in STEM education and workforce development in community colleges
  6. Be willing to be a mentee of an administrative leader appointed by the CCPI-STEM project leadership team

5 CCPI-STEM Fellows Opportunities for Community College Educators. CCPI-STEM Fellows program invites Applications for Graduate Fellowships from individuals who are pursuing or beginning to pursue graduate degrees and engage in research related to STEM education and workforce development in community colleges. Selected Fellows will begin the CCPI-STEM Fellows assignment in January 2024.

Application deadlineSeptember 15, 2023.  Eligible candidates may apply as soon as possible.

The application document should be one (1) PDF document that includes all the REQUIRED INFORMATION listed below and should be sent as an email attachment to: with a copy to the CCPI-STEM Project Manager, Ms. Fran Melvin,

  1. Demographic Information
  2. Citizenship Information
  3. Academic and/or Workforce Background
  4. Academic CV – 2 pages
  5. Proposed Fellowship (graduate degree) Institution
  6. One-page Research Project Description
  7. One-page statement on the value of diversity in the STEM workforce and strategies to increase it
  8. Letter of Support to participate in the Fellows program from the immediate supervisor
  9. Two Letters of Reference

Applicants are advised to pay special attention to the application evaluation criteria. The overall application package will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Educational Background: Suitability of educational preparation for undertaking research on STEM education and/or workforce development.
  2. Experience: Demonstrated success as a classroom instructor, student support professional, researcher, administrator, or STEM professional
  3. Leadership Potential: Traits and demonstrated examples of the potential for leadership or supporting role in community colleges
  4. STEM Leadership Potential: Prior engagement in STEM-related activities
  5. STEM Community Engagement: Prior engagement in promoting or supporting STEM and workforce development in the community, region, or nation.
  6. Prior Research Experience: Prior experience and accomplishments in STEM and workforce-related research (demonstrated by the quality of dissemination activities, such as scholarly papers, conducting workshops, technical presentations, blogs, monographs, and technical reports).
  7. Proposed Research Project: Applicants should describe their planned research project including research objectives, plans, and methodology. Evaluation should be based on the importance and relevance of the proposed research project related to STEM and/or workforce education at community colleges.


Selected fellows will be provided an honorarium of $5,000 annually for two years. Second-year support is contingent on satisfactory progress in the first year.

Contact Dr. Ashok Agrawal at for questions.

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The Fellowship is funded by the Advanced Technological Education program at the National Science Foundation (Grant # 2132510).